Microsot Visio 2010 aplikasi untuk membuat sebuah diagram,seperti: diagram alir (flowchart), brainstorm, dan skema jaringan yang dirilis oleh Microsoft Corporation. Aplikasi ini menggunakan grafik vektor untuk membuat diagram-diagramnya.


– The advanced diagramming tools of Visio 2010 help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data-driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real time.

– Start by building your diagram with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. Then, easily link your diagram to popular data sources (such as Excel). You’ll see data automatically refresh right within your diagram, reflected in vibrant visuals such as icons, symbols, colors, and bar graphs. Finally, with just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to SharePoint, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio.

– Together, simplicity, data-driven shapes, and Web sharing make Visio 2010 one of the most powerful ways to see and understand important information.

– Simplify complexity with a diverse set of intuitive, professional diagramming tools

With a dramatically improved user experience and intelligent drawing tools and templates, Visio 2010 makes every step in creating diagrams easier.

– Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals

Gaining a clear and complete view of information that matters to your business often requires both a high-level perspective and detailed data. With just a few clicks, Visio 2010 helps you see the entire picture by showing meaningful data and information graphically in a single, up-to-date diagram.

– Share interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others via their Web browsers

– With Visio 2010, sharing your dynamic, data-linked diagrams with others is easier than ever. Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring that people can always view the most current version of a diagram and its linked data.

System Requirements:

* Computer and processor: 500-megahertz (MHz) processor or higher

* Memory: 256 megabytes (MB) RAM, 512 MB RAM recommended for certain advanced functionality.

* Hard disk: 2 gigabyte (GB) available disk space

* Display: 1024 ¡Á 768 or higher resolution monitor

* Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3 (32-bit), Windows Vista with SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2 with MSXML 6.0, Windows Server 2008 with SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 or later operating (32-bit and 64-bit) systems.

* Other

Certain advanced collaboration functionality requires connectivity to Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or later running Windows SharePoint Services.

Multi-touch features require Windows 7 and a touch enabled device.

Certain inking features require running Microsoft XP Table PC edition or later.

Internet Explorer 6 or later, 32-bit browser only. Internet functionality requires Internet access (fees might apply).

– Download Installer Microsot Visio Standard 2010 (293.MB) – 32Bit

– Download Installer Microsot Visio Standard 2010 (343.MB) – 64Bit

– Download Activator Microsot Visio 2010

Cara Install:

– Instal pada X16-33056 (dalam contoh saya install 32-bit)

– Masukkan Serial ini: 228H4-T92MF-Q8PQJ-CGWRG-8KW92

klik Continue –> beri Centang, klik Continue –> Install Now, tunggu sampe finish

– Tutup dolo programnya

– Buka folder “Activator Visio 2010” –> klik 2X pada “Office 2010 Toolkit 2.1.5” –>

Pilih tab “Main” –> Klik “EZ-Activator” –> dan tunggu

kalo dah ada tulisan “Microsot 2010 was succesfully activated” berarti dah berhasil, tinggal di Close aja.

– Sekarang coba buka Microsot Visio.2010 –> klik pada “Help” –>

maka di sisi kanan akan tampak tulisan Product Activated berarti sudah ter-Aktivasi

– Untuk merubah Skin Color klik pada Option –> klik General –> lalu pilih warna pada Color scheme (ada 3pilihan: Black, Blue, Silver) –> klik Ok

– Finish and enjoy!!!